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Fuddles is a stunning NFT collection of 1500 Fuddles that combines the essence of imagination, creativity, and colourful expression. 

Each Fuddles NFT is a meticulously created digital work of art by a gifted artist. Each NFT is genuinely a one-of-a-kind creation thanks to the endearing and engaging characters that demonstrate a stunning diversity of emotions, personalities, and styles.


Fuddle Sneak Peak #5.jpg

There are total of 129+ different traits and 17x 1/1 editions.
We created the most unique, never seen before traits which perfectly bland with the Fuddlelland!

Fuddle Sneak Peak #6.jpg
Fuddle Sneak Peak #2.jpg

In the Fuddles 3D Upgrade phase we'll transition from 2D Fuddles to dynamic 3D characters, enabling our community members to fully immerse themselves in the Portals metaverse by embodying their very own Fuddle avatars.

This transition represents a significant evolution in the Fuddles experience, providing a more interactive and engaging way to interact with the metaverse.

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